Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


- 'The Company' means Trent Marquees Ltd, Company number 09594654

- 'The Hirer' means the person or company hiring equipment from Trent Marquees.

- 'Equipment' means all and any equipment or gear hired to the hirer by Trent Marquees.

- 'The Site' is the location or venue where delivery of equipment is made and equipment erected.

- 'The Period of Hire' commences with the arrival of equipment on site and terminates when the Company removes the equipment.

- 'The Hire Agreement' refers to the agreement made between The Company and the Hirer.

- ‘The Hire Cost’ is the agreed quotation sum, plus any extra costs agreed between The Company and The Hirer.

- ‘The Booking Deposit’ equates to 25% of The Hire Cost.



-The Company will deliver Equipment on the agreed Delivery Date.

-The Company will remove the equipment from site as soon as reasonable and practical after the period of hire, as agreed with The   Hirer.

-The Hirer must ensure that any required permissions are obtained from Site / Land owner prior to booking.

-It is the responsibility of The Hirer to check all goods and equipment received upon delivery for any damages or faults and to   report  to The Company immediately to avoid any discrepancies. 

-The Hirer will use all equipment purely for the purpose for which it was designed and supplied.

-The Hirer agrees to accept full liability for all equipment supplied by the company after delivery and until the completion of the   period of hire and removal from site. Any equipment that is lost, damaged or stolen will be paid for by The Hirer, at full   replacement  value.

-The Hirer agrees not to interfere or allow any person to interfere with any equipment or structure, or to suspend anything from the   structure without specific permission from The Company.  The Hirer agrees to keep all doorways and sides of the marquee shut   and fastened when not in use.

-The Hirer is advised that The Company reserves the right to make any changes or modification to the structure in the event of   high  winds or storm conditions in the interest of health and safety.

-The Hirer agrees not to use any lighting, cooking or electrical appliances inside the marquee without express permission from The   Company.

-The use of naked flames in or near Marquees is strictly prohibited.

-No Smoking is to take place in the Marquees at any time. 

-No Animals or pets on active Worksite or in the Marquees at any time.

-The Hirer agrees to provide adequate security for The Site at all times. The Hirer is solely responsible to provide security from the   delivery date until the removal of equipment from The Site after the period of hire is complete.

-The Hirer must make The Company aware of any pipes, cables or other services on The Site. The Company cannot be held   responsible for damage caused to concealed or buried pipes and cables or other services that have not been clearly marked out by   The Hirer.

- The Hirer accepts that the delivery, installation and removal of equipment from The Site could result in some damage to the site       itself and therefore accepts such reasonable damage.

-The Company reserves the right to erect dismantle or remove any equipment from The Site at its own convenience.


Payment terms-

-The Hire Cost does not include for any repairs / making good to The Site that may be necessary.

-The Hirer is to pay an agreed non-refundable 25% Booking Deposit at the time of order. The remaining balance of the total hire   charge is to be paid on the commencement of The Period of Hire.

-Should remaining balance be unsettled by the commencement of the start of The Period of Hire an interest charge of 10% of The   Hire Cost can be applied per week that payment remains outstanding.

-In the event of a cancellation at any time, the deposit will be forfeited.

-Should The Hirer decide to cancel the Hire Agreement at any time, The Company reserves the right for cancellation of hire as   follows:


Cancellation more than 4 weeks prior to the commencement of The Hire Agreement 25% of the total Hire Cost (deposit only)

Cancellation 14-28 days prior to the commencement of the Hire Agreement 50% of the total Hire Cost

Cancellation less than 14 days prior to the commencement of the Hire Agreement 100% of the total Hire Cost


Covid Policy-

Should an event be cancelled due to government covid restrictions we will offer a credit note for hire when restrictions allow or issue a refund (incl deposit)

If Re- booking cancelled events we will work closely with you to secure a date to re arrange your event. If this is not possible a full refund will be issued.



The company will accept no liability for the following-

- Late or non-delivery due to adverse weather conditions or high winds.

- Non-delivery due to The Site being unsuitable, for any reason.

- Injury sustained in marquee

- Loss or damage to equipment due to Fire, Flood, theft or accident.

- Late or non-delivery due to any factor outside of The Company's control. The Hirer shall not be entitled to withhold any deduction     of payment under The Hire Agreement to any claims or disputes due to any alleged defective service or any other alleged breach   of  contract.


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